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Visual FX Designer
Jaden Whittaker

Visual FX

MPG is a site for artists who are looking to colaborate with experienced visual effects artists. This site is private but the work displayed is not.

Visual FX is a New experience for me. I am only 6yrs in and for the most part its just been a learning experience mainly because of render times (LOL) and my old trusty z600 workstation. Lets just say it has taken me some time getting here. But for the more simpler projects I am more than ready to take on those types of jobs, I have my Trusty Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera , Ronin M Camera Stabalizer Gimble and Axis 360 Motion Controlled Slider at hand so feel free to drop me a request for some work. I can do most things in Visual FX including Green Screen work, I can Merge CG with Real Life footage, maybe I can create some Product Design Renders for your campaign, Adverts with Character Animations , Cartoons , Architechtual Visualizations, Explosions and much more.

Jaden Whittaker

Jaden Whittaker / Generalist

The main guy at Motion Picture Graphics. 18+yrs Media Developement Experience. This includes 6yrs Music Production 6yrs as a Web Developer and 7+yrs in Visual FX and in 2021 I recieved my masters degree in VFX. I Started MPG 16+yrs ago as a portfolio site but eventually it grew into a blog site where users use to engage with each other to exchange ideas and gain additional knowledge from other users in all matters to do with Graphics. Eventually after many years I turned the site private and is now my personal website for showcasing my work. For the Most part, for me, it has been a very huge learning curb which is why I dont have much in the way of Projects to show in my portfolio, all what you see is work done through learning the craft, of course a few clips are from lagitimate projects but for the most part its all a big showcase of working progress material, a demonstration of skillsets if you want to view it as such. I hope to have more credible work in the very near future.

Web Developer
Joshua Insanus

Money Spider Web Developers

6yrs as a Web Developer taught me many things including how to Design which came in handy when i crossed over into Visual FX. Keeping up with the latest trends in Web Developement keeps me intune with todays technologies and also future tech. I plan on bringing the two worlds together in spectactular fashion when I Merge CG with Web Developement to bring you a exciting interactive experience. we at MPG like to call this experience CGS (Computer Generated Sites) using the latest in new web tech. An example is Coming To A Site Near You!! Keep it Locked to MPG

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